As Tasmanians we all share a strong connection to each other as a community and as islanders, but we need to do more to protect the Tasmanian spirit of fairness and equality.


  • Poker machines drain more than $200 million per year from our most vulnerable communities to line the pockets of one wealthy Sydney family. 
  • The Greens will remove pokies from pubs and clubs, reducing the harm caused by these parasitic machines.


  • Our democracy is not for sale, and our laws governing political donations should reflect that. 
  • The Greens will reform Tasmania’s broken donation laws by banning dirty money from vested interests and introducing real time disclosure laws.


  • The Liberals’ new Statewide Planning Scheme, backed by Labor, locks the community out of local decision making in favour of big developers.
  • The Greens will ensure a fair say for local communities, and their rights of appeal, and also implement a suite of State Policies to plan for healthy communities into the long term.


  • Decent, affordable housing is a basic human right. Under a Liberal Government, the housing wait list is at its highest level in a decade and rents have increased by 23% in the past year.
  • The Greens plan can fix our stressed rental market by regulating Airbnb, taxing speculative property owners who sit on property without renting it out, and building more affordable and sustainable homes.


As Tasmanians, we live close to nature – never far from an unspoiled beach or a walk through the forest. From pristine coastlines, home to an incredible variety of marine life and boasting famous surf breaks, reefs and fishing spots, to globally significant wilderness areas – we need to protect everything that makes Tasmania unique in the world


  • The salmon industry’s sea-grab of public waterways, and the lack of regulation or public consultation, is putting the marine environment and local livelihoods at risk – with the support of both Labor and the Liberals.
  • The Greens will put a moratorium on new fish farm development until community consultation and proper environmental safeguards are in place.


  • There is no other place like the takayna Tarkine on Earth. Successive Labor and the Liberal governments have only seen takayna as a place to exploit. Aboriginal heritage along the coast is being damaged and destroyed by reckless off road vehicle users and the Liberals want to allow logging in rainforest reserves.
  • The Greens will establish a takanya/Tarkine National Park to protect this global treasure.


  • Our National Parks and reserves are over-loved and under-funded. Labor and the Liberals’ answer is to hand over public parks to private developers.
  • The Greens will fund more park rangers, scientists and park maintenance through a $40m funding boost, as well as banned cruise ships and commercial infrastructure development in National Parks.


Our kids are our future. We need world class schools to harness the potential of every Tasmanian child. We also need to leave behind a safe home for the next generation by taking the lead on renewable energy and climate change.


  • Tasmania is slipping behind. Public schools, TAFE and universities have been hit by the Liberals’ savage funding cuts, and their clumsy reform agenda is threatening our college system.
  • The Greens will invest $145 million in 250 new teachers and 200 support staff, like teacher assistants, school psychologists, and speech pathologists.  We will also fund regional high schools to year 12 while also supporting our excellent colleges.



  • With carbon-rich forests, enormous renewable energy potential and a cool climate, Tasmania should be a climate and energy leader. But Labor and the Liberals have mismanaged our energy assets and have failed to invest in renewable energy. This means more carbon pollution and higher electricity prices.
  • The Greens will make Tasmania a climate and energy leader, by legislating for a fair feed in tariff for rooftop solar, funding free energy efficiency upgrades, investing in community solar farms and the electrification of our transport system.